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Transferring service to a new location?

If you currently have service with TPCG and wish to transfer your deposit(s) to a new TPCG service location, please read the following policy and procedure:

Who can transfer service?

The individual named on the account at the current service location must come into the office with picture ID and pay the current balance due on that account.

The customer is required to pay out any balance due at the current service location before he will be allowed to transfer current deposits to the new location, because one last final bill will be generated on the old address for services up to the disconnect date.

What should I bring?

Proper documentation for the new address will be required. The following are acceptable forms:
  • rent receipt
  • lease agreement
  • deposit receipt
  • completed purchase agreement
  • proof of ownership

How does this work?

Transfer of deposit is done on the exact same date of the request, meaning the old service address will be disconnected the same day the new service location is connected. There is no grace time on transfers. If the customer needs service on at both locations for an extended period of time (longer than that day), a separate deposit is required for the new service location compliant with policy for establishing a new service. The deposit at the old service location will be applied to the final bill when the customer signs to disconnect that service.