Public Transit

Administrator Wendell Voisin


Bus Fares and Services

Please have exact change for bus fares. Good Earth Transit bus drivers are not allowed to carry or make change for passengers. Our fareboxes accept all coins and bills.

Regular Fares

The base fare is $1.00 per ride, paid when you board. Children UNDER 4 years of age ride for FREE.

Day Pass

If you know that you will need to ride several times during a day, you can save money by purchasing a Day Pass for $2.50 when you board. If you ride on a regular basis, our drivers sell Day Pass coupons in quantities of 5 for $11.00 or 10 for $21.00.

Reduced Fares

There are three (3) ways to qualify for the Half Fare.

  1. Medicare - You must show your Medicare card and a picture ID to the driver each time you want to pay the half-fare.
  2. Disabled Individuals - You can make an appointment to come to the office with your Social Security Disability award letter, or other documentation of your disability and a picture ID. Paratransit applications can also be submitted as a form of proof of a disability. Once provided, you will receive a Half-fare card with your picture on it to show to the driver EACH time you board a bus (one-way.)
  3. 65 years and older - You must show your state issued picture ID each time you want to pay the half fare or make an appointment to receive a Half Fare card to show each time you board a bus.

Disabled Passengers

Disabled persons who cannot board the regular bus along the route should contact (985) 850-4616 to find out about applying for paratransit services.

Bicycles on the Bus

Each bus is equipped with an easy-to-use bicycle rack for our passengers' convenience. In order to be qualified to use the bicycle rack on the bus, you must first receive a Bike Pass. To receive a bike pass, each applicant must undergo training to use the bicycle rack properly. These training sessions are held at 1:00pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Good Earth Transit main office located at 137 Intracoastal Drive in Houma.

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