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Tree-Mendous Tree Award presented to Houma Main Street Program

Friday November 03, 2017 01:49 pm - 1224 Views - Posted By Planning and Zoning
Tree-Mendous Tree Award presented to Houma Main Street Program

The Tree-Mendous Tree Award was presented by the Terrebonne Parish Tree Board to the Houma Main Street Program at the Terrebonne Parish Council regular meeting on October 25, 2017.

In the wake of torrential rains in 2017, the beautiful trees on New Orleans Boulevard were under water for an extended period of time. Help began when concerned parish residents contacted political officials about the drainage problems.

The Houma Main Street Program through the Houma Downtown Development Commission provided immediate aide to the trees and partnered with the Parish Tree Board to enact the New Orleans Blvd Project to save the trees. In the past few years, these Live Oak and Cypress trees have survived the installation of a new water line and DOTD road work which left them prone to flooding. Old drain inlets were found, cleaned, and repaired for storm water control. The trees limbs were pruned, and old lights were taken down to preserve and protect these Historic Live Oaks.

In the late 1920’s, the main transportation route between the Bayou Blue and Houma was a waterway named the Careau (Caro) Canal dug by and named for Bayou Blue resident Jean Careau. In later years, Hwy 90 followed and the Mayor of Houma and the Parish had the downtown portion of the canal filled in, creating a median. The Mayor then approached the Terrebonne Garden Club to beautify the median, and the Live Oaks were planted. In addition to the Tree Board’s efforts, the Terrebonne Garden Club has pitched in to plant and clean the Star Monument which is located on the median near Park Avenue.

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