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Shell Pipeline Co. receives Star Award

Friday February 13, 2009 09:00 am - 861 Views

Parish President, Michel Claudet presented a proclamation to Shell Pipeline Co. in Houma for being awarded the highest honor that can be given to a worksite in the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). The ceremony was February 10th at the Shell Pipeline worksite on Coteau Road in Houma. Shell Pipeline is the first in Louisiana to be awarded this honor by OSHA. The award is given based on outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have achieved exemplary occupational safety and health. VPP sets performance based criteria for a managed safety and health system, with on site evaluation and assessments. Shell pipeline has far exceeded the average success rate, especially in days restricted or transferred, with Houma’s Shell Pipeline having no lost time incident in over 10 years. This is a “voluntary” program and one which Shell Pipeline feels is an important measure of performance in all areas. Shell Pipeline actually has received this award for four of it’s worksites and has implemented the program in seven additional worksites throughout Louisiana. James “Buddy” Hopkins is the VPP Team leader for the Shell Pipeline Houma worksite. Terrebonne Council members who attended the ceremony were: Arlanda Williams, Council Chair, Joey Cehan and Johnny Pizzolatto. Michel Claudet, Parish President presented the proclamation to Greg Smith, Shell Pipeline Gulf of Mexico Region manager and Mark Hurley, General Manager of Shell Pipeline North America. President Claudet stated “Shell Pipeline has contributed very much to our community. They are highly respected for, not only the good work that they do for the Parish and State, but for the example that they set for other companies. I am proud to be here today to present this award to them for their outstanding achievement in the area of Health and Safety. And, let’s not forget that they are one of the top ten tax payers in our parish”.


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