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Floodplain Management

Floodplain Manager Lisa Ledet


Flood Protection

Protect You And Your Family From Flood Hazards

Turn around don’t drown.

  • If it may flood, prepare your home:
    • Shut off electricity.
    • Shut off gas.
    • Move valuables above water level.
    • Anchor fuel tanks.
  • Have an evacuation plan: make a list of emergency numbers, identify a safe place to go, and know your evacuation route.
  • Make a household inventory list, especially of contents. Record a video and be sure to get all the walls from top to bottom.
  • Put insurance policies, valuable papers, and medicine in a safe, dry place that is easy to access.
  • Put cleaning supplies in a handy place.
  • Develop a Family Disaster Plan.
  • Teach children about hurricanes and hurricane safety.
  • Help friends and family members with special needs.
  • Do not drive through a flood. Turn around, don't drown.

Visit Terrebonne Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness website for more information.

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