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Floodplain Manager Lisa Ledet


FEMA Flood Insurance Rate (Historic) Maps of Terrebonne Parish Prior for Use Prior to September 7, 2023

These are historic maps and are to be used for reference purpose only. Any questions concerning the FEMA maps can be directed to Lisa Ledet.

These images are very large in size. It is not recommended that you try to view these in your browser. It is recommended that you right click on the image file that you would like to view and then click Save Target As. This is not recommended to do over a dial-up internet connection. File sizes range from 2mb through 9mb each. These are only the maps where the location can be reached by roadways. There is a key for these images. Here is the Key file.

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  Image File Description of file
  225206 0440C Hwy 182, Bayou Black, Transco Gas Pipeline Road, Flora Lane.
  225206 0475C Bayou Dularge Road, Aycock, Highridge, Dr. Beatroux Road, Falgout Canal Road, Brady Road.
  220220 0005C City Of Houma
  225206 0500C Bayou Dularge Road, Brady Road, Ice House
  225203 0555C Bull Run Road, Bull Run Trailer Park, Hwy 20 intersection, Azalea Road.
  225206 0560C Bull Run Road, Buzzard Roast Church, Hwy 182, Oak Forest, Sam Rapp Street.
  225203 0565C Hwy 20, Donner, Fandal Drive, Bayou View Trailer Park
  225206 0570C Hwy 182, Bayou Black, Oak Forest, Plantation, North Bayou Black, Gibson, Hwy 20 intersection.
  225206 0600C Bayou Black, Greenwood School.
  225206 0725C Hwy 182 to Parish Line, Avondale.
  225206 0050C
  225206 0075C
  225206 0100D
  225206 0220C
  225206 0225D
  225206 0285C
  225206 0375D
  225206 0445C
  225206 0525D
  225206 0550D
  225206 0625C
  225206 0650C
  225206 0675C
  225206 0800D
  225206 0825D
  225206 0875D
  225206 0900D
  225206 0925D
  225206 1000D
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