Coastal Restoration and Preservation

Director Mart Black, FAICP



The major objectives of the permit process is to make certain that any activity affecting the Coastal Zone, such as a project that involves either dredging or filling, is performed in accordance with guidelines.

Two types of permits are issued for activities conducted along the coast, depending on the nature of the work proposed. Each involves a different review process, as explained below.

Coastal Use Permits

The Coastal Use Permit (CUP) process is part of the Louisiana Coastal Resources Program (LCRP), which is an effort among Louisiana citizens, as well as state, federal and local advisory and regulatory agencies to preserve, restore, and enhance Louisiana's valuable coastal resources.

Coastal Impact Certificate

The purpose of the coastal impact certificate to enhance and to protect the ecological systems of the parish, whose renewable resources include numerous species of wildlife and support fisheries, and whose nonrenewable resources, such as crude oil and natural gas, serve as the economic base of the parish.

For inquiries relative to Coastal Use Permits or the Terrebonne Parish Coastal Impact Certificate requirements, please contact the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government Office of Coastal Protection & Restoration at (985) 873-6889, or email

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