Coastal Restoration and Preservation

Director Mart Black, FAICP


Coastal Impact Certificates

Terrebonne Parish is committed to providing aggressive leadership, direction and consonance in the development and implementation of policies, plans, and programs which encourage multiple use of the coastal zone and achieve a proper balance between development and conservation, restoration, creation and nourishment of coastal resources in Terrebonne Parish. Chapter 12 of the Terrebonne Parish Code of Ordinances outlines the purpose and procedures for issuance of a Coastal Impact Certificate.

Purpose of the Coastal Impact Certificate

The purpose of the coastal impact certificate is to enhance and to protect the ecological systems of the parish, whose renewable resources include numerous species of wildlife and support fisheries, and whose nonrenewable resources, such as crude oil and natural gas, serve as the economic base of the parish. The coastal impact certificate process reviews activities, outlined in Section 12-71 of the Terrebonne Parish Code of Ordinances, to:

  1. assure that the proposed activity is consistent with local coastal restoration efforts and coastal zone plans
  2. assure that the proposed activity does not unnecessarily or excessively destroy wetlands
  3. assure that the proposed activity does not negatively impact parish infrastructure facilities
  4. determine the extent that the proposed activity will impact coastal areas and the viability of proposed mitigation plans
  5. minimize expenditures of public money for costly erosion control and environmental restoration projects
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