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Monthly Tips

Tree Board - Monthly Tips

Trees naturally enhance the air quality, reduce noise pollution and aid in the improvement of water quality. If planted strategically, they help reduce flooding and help slow down soil erosion.

August Monthly Tree Tip - Hurricane prep

Posted on 08/09/2016

Make proper pruning and prep decisions before a hurricane and avoid unnecessary chain saw backlash.

Bald Cypress Seedling Giveaway at Downtown Farmer's Market

Posted on 03/24/2015

Free bald cypress seedlings will be given away on a first come, first serve basis at the Downtown Farmer's Market on Saturday, March 28 from 9am - 1pm in the Courthouse Square on Main Street.

2015 Bald Cypress Seedling Giveaway Press Release

January Monthly Tree Board Tip

Posted on 01/05/2015

Arbor Day Celebration in Terrebonne Parish

January 17, 2015 is the day Terrebonne Parish celebrates Arbor Day this year with the annual tree giveaway. Attached is the press release for the giveaway with all of the useful information. In addition, the Tree Board would also like to direct residents to the Arbor Day Foundation's website where they have posted tips on how to property plant your new tree.


2015 TPCG Tree Board Tree Giveaway Press Release

December Monthly Tree Board Tip

Posted on 01/05/2015

Cold Protection for Plants
Even in South Louisiana it can get cold enough to freeze even the hardiest of plants. Attached is an article from Associate Professor Daniel Gill with LSU AgCenter on how to prepare and protect plants entitled "Cold Protection Tips in the Landscape". Click here for more info.


LSU AgCenter Article - Cold Protection Tips in the Landscape

October Monthly Tree Board Tip

Posted on 10/22/2014

DON"T MOVE FIREWOOD. Our forests and tree canopies are threatened by nonnative insects that can kill large numbers of trees. Three recently introduced insects - emerald ash borer, Asian longhorned beetle, and Sirex woodwasp - are wood-infesting species that can be transported long distances in firewood. Once transported into new areas, these insects can become established and kill local trees. We must STOP THE SPREAD of these insects and protect our forests and trees.

How you can help:

  • Leave firewood at home - do not transport it to campgrounds or parks.
  • Use firewood from local sources - if you go hunting in another area (esp. out of state), do not bring firewood back with you.
  • If you have moved firewood, burn all of it before leaving your campsite.

For more information, visit the following websites:

March Monthly Tree Board Tip

Posted on 02/06/2014

  • Remove trees that are causing over-crowding. This will encourage tree growth for remaining trees.
  • By the end of the month, all tree plantings should cease. Roots need time to become established in the ground before the heat of the summer arrives. When replanting a freeze-damaged landscape, consult the LSU AgCenter website for cold-hardy plants and trees.
  • Remove all protective coverings and winter mulch, if not done earlier.

February Monthly Tree Board Tip

Posted on 02/06/2014

  • Remove old leaves and old mulch from around any trees. These leaves could carry disease and harbor insects detrimental to your tree.
  • Adding fresh mulch at this time may increase nutrients and will prevent grass from competing with the roots of trees. Apply a layer of mulch that is at no more than 3 inches thick for at least 3 feet from the tree trunk. Pull any mulch away from the trunk will allow air to circulate around the base of the try and keep it dry. If it is constantly wet, the tree may be susceptible to disease.
  • Do not prune anything for several days after a freeze. It often takes several days for all of the damage to become evident. Wait to prune or trim freeze-damaged trees until after the last frost. If the damaged tissue is oozy, mushy, slimy and foul smelling, it should be removed. Dead leaves on woody tropical plants can be picked off to make things look tidy. If you can clearly determine what branches are dead on a woody plant, you can prune them back. Try scratching the bark with your thumbnail. If the tissue underneath is green, it's still alive. If the tissue is tan or brown, the branch is dead. Start at the top and work your way down to see how far back the plant was killed.

Sources: Louisiana Urban Forestry Council and LSU AgCenter

January Monthly Tree Board Tip

Posted on 02/06/2014

  • Celebrate Terrebonne Parish Arbor Day on the third Saturday of the month - plant a tree!
  • Pruning can be done in early spring. Do not prune newly planted seedlings or trees younger than 3 or 4 years old since they need more leaves to produce food for them to grow.
    Transplant/relocate trees during this month, being careful not to damage or harm the root system. January is a good time to do any tree removals that may involve the use of heavy equipment. Doing it now will minimize the impact on the surrounding landscape.