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Roads and Bridges

Our Mission

Primary responsibilities of this division are to maintain parish roads, streets, bridges, signs, roadside caution lights and traffic control signals. Funding is derived from a one-quarter ( 1/4 ) cent parish-wide sales tax with supplemental funding from general fund. With a work force of approximately 56 employees, the responsibilities of this division vary considerably performing the following:

  • inspect and maintain all parish owned roads, streets, bridges, traffic control signs, caution lights and traffic control signals
  • perform structural analysis of 79 parish bridges, as required by the Off-System Bridge Program
  • provide assistance for elections by installing and removing handicap ramps and signs at polling locations
  • setup and remove barricades for Christmas and Mardi Gras parades and other downtown activities
  • apply pavement markings for No Parking zones, Handicap zones, and parish owned parking lots
  • grading and shelling of roadways and shoulder, pump station roads, government owned parking lots and recreational areas
  • coordinate fabrication and installation of all traffic control signs and information signs
  • accept work orders for curb and sidewalk repairs

To report problems with signs, roads, traffic and caution lights, or bridges, contact Crystal Hardeman, Administrative Coordinator I, at (985) 873-6736, or email her at

You can also report a problem using the form provided.

Our Staff

Alissia Brown-Smith, Superintendent (985) 873-6734
Crystal Hardeman, Administrative Coordinator I (985) 873-6736