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Goals and Objectives

Our Goals and Objectives

The juveniles' stay in detention should be a caring (nurturing), productive, and disciplined experience in their lives. The detention program is designed to meet each juvenile's nutritional, emotional, spiritual, educational, recreational, hygienic and physical needs while in detention. Therefore, the following goals and objectives have been established to meet the facility's mission and philosophy.

GOAL: The Terrebonne Parish Juvenile Detention Center seeks to maximize public safety through appropriate and effective custodial and supervisory programs.

OBJECTIVE: To maximize public safety the TPJDC has a primary goal of zero escapes.

GOAL: The Terrebonne Parish Juvenile Detention Center seeks to provide for the safety of staff and juveniles by maintaining an organized and disciplined system of operations that promote stability in the facility's operations.

OBJECTIVE: The TPJDC is committed to the goal that no staff while on duty, nor youth while in our custody, should receive significant injuries. The following categories will be summarized each year:

  • death by suicide
  • death by violence
  • gunshots
  • stabbing
  • battery (juvenile/staff with significant injury)
  • battery (juvenile/juvenile with weapon with significant injury)
  • battery (juvenile/juvenile without significant injury)
  • battery (juvenile/juvenile with significant injury)

GOAL: The Terrebonne Parish Juvenile Detention Center seeks to insure the basic well-being of the juveniles by providing adequate food, clothing, medical care and shelter, equal access to programs, and educating the mind, body and spirit of each youth housed within the center.

OBJECTIVE: The TPJDC should measure the effectiveness of this goal by evaluating the following:

  • The Director and assigned registered dietician will review the menus periodically to assure it meets necessary nutritional and caloric guidelines.
  • The Director will select and review a bi-annual inventory to monitor the adequate supply of clothing in storage.
  • The medical supervisor will review medical reports to determine the availability of services.
  • The annual Sanitation and Fire Marshal reports will be reviewed to determine the effectiveness in providing adequate housing for youth. Resident grievance forms should be reviewed weekly to determine the number of juvenile grievances that are related to providing adequate food, medical care, clothing, shelter, and equal access to all programs offered.

GOAL: The Terrebonne Parish Juvenile Detention Center seeks to provide an environment which enables behavior changes by making rehabilitative opportunities available for juveniles who demonstrate motivation for change and the desire to participate in rehabilitative programs.

OBJECTIVE: The Director will monitor and review:

  • education programs to include classroom programs, educational records, and reviews of actual work completed by the juvenile detained in the TPJDC
  • social service programs to include review of records of juvenile receiving individual, group or family counseling, and the availability of services
  • services provided by clergy, ministers, and community volunteers who provide religious or other programming to the juveniles housed in the TPJDC