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Demolition - A Mitigation Option

Thursday December 26, 2013 10:11 am

Many people think that elevation is the only option for using ICC. 

Demolishing a house prior to rebuilding or without rebuilding is available as well.
ICC for hurricanes Katrina and Rita has been extended to 2015. A structure that was damaged and declared to be substantially damaged due to the 2005 storms may be eligible to be demolished with ICC funds. Call your insurance agent to find out more. 

Increased Cost of Compliance, or ICC, is a benefit of any National Flood Insurance Program backed flood insurance policy. If a property becomes substantially damaged, the policy holder can request up to $30,000 to 
  • Elevate the structure, 
  • Relocate the structure outside the floodplain, or 
  • Demolish the structure. 
In order to receive ICC, the structure needs to have claims on that policy, not proof of floods. 
The Parish is obligated under the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance to declare structures substantially damaged if it would cost more than 50% of the value to repair or has insurance claims or repair permits that add up to at least 50% of the assessed value.
This is required by NFIP to get flood insurance in the Parish, and can't be avoided.
The structure could be condemned if the condition is bad enough, and the Parish may be required to demolish the structure and recoup the cost of demolition from the owner. 
Demolishing with the ICC leaves more savings to purchase or build another, safer home.
The Parish offered a voluntary demolition program through the Gustav/Ike Recovery Plan funded with Community Development Block Grant funds. At this time ten (10) properties will be cleared of storm damaged structures eliminating slum and blight in the parish.