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Grant Applications for Elevating or Rebuilding Repetitive Flood Loss Homes OPEN

Thursday September 30, 2021 09:20 am

Terrebonne Parish

Department of Planning and Zoning

Recovery Assistance and Mitigation Planning

FloodSafe Minute

Grant Applications for Elevating or Rebuilding Homes OPEN September 30

Grants up to 100% of the Cost

Terrebonne Parish is taking applications to elevate or demolish and rebuild Severe Repetitive Loss and Repetitive Loss properties.  These are properties that have been repetitively flooded and identified by FEMA as prime candidates for risk reduction.  Residential and business properties can be submitted.  Call Mr. Blair Purpera from Rostan Solutions if interested to get more information. 

After the damages from Hurricane Ida, demolition and rebuilding may be a better option than elevating a house.  Those who own already flood damaged houses, but do not have enough insurance to demolish and rebuild their property on their own may want to apply for this grant.  The grant is competitive nationwide, will not provide immediate housing, and takes over a year to be approved if awarded.    As a longterm strategy, however, the program can pay up to $150,000 to demolish and rebuild a house to approximately the same size plus additional funding for engineering, management, and relocation expenses.  This project type is not available in the V zone (highest flood risk area).

Applicants should be prepared to supply a flood insurance policy with the application.  Federal funds cover up to 100% of the cost of elevation depending on the level of damage already received. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides these funds out of policy holder premiums, so any applicants must have an NFIP policy on the structure to successfully apply. 

The Parish President continues to support these applications and other grant request for planning, construction and engineering to reduce our flood risk.  

The current application is being managed by Rostan Solutions.  They are available to provide further information and application materials at 225-286-7544 and

The application period opens September 30th, and ends in November. It can take weeks to get quotes or other documents necessary, particularly with our Parish still reeling from the hurricanes.  Anyone who is interested should call now.  Only those on the repetitive loss list created by FEMA are eligible to apply for these particular grants.  The funding for these projects is offered by the FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance and Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities grant programs. 

For further information about other programs that may be available, please contact the Parish Recovery Assistance Division at 985-873-6565 to get a letter of interest and start the application process.  The Parish tries to match new applicants with any funding available.