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Pollution Control


Standard Sewer Specifications

Who Benefits?

  • Engineers
  • Property Developers
  • Property Owners
  • Contractors

What are the Benefits?

  • The Standard Sewer Specifications provide guidance and information that Terrebonne Parish’s Division Of Pollution Control expects and requires in the development, design, and construction of public sewer systems within Terrebonne Parish.
  • Professionals that design and construct public sewer systems can familiarize themselves with the sewer standards prior to beginning their work.
    • Plans and designs are required to be submitted to the Division of Pollution Control for review and approval prior to construction.
    • Plans and designs that do not meet the Standard Sewer Specifications may be delayed in approval or rejected entirely.
  • Developers will know and understand the requirements and limitations imposed by the sewer standards, which might in turn enhance the Developer / Engineer / Contractor relationship.

NOTE : These standards apply only to the public portion of the sewer systems in Terrebonne Parish that are within public rights-of-way and public servitudes.

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Please note that the sewer plans are apt to be updated periodically, without prior notification. Please contact us for the most recent version; Donnie Porche or Ashley McKey Callahan, (985) 873-6727.


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