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Call for Applications for Rental Elevations

Monday February 20, 2017 08:58 am - 1838 Views - Posted By Recovery Assistance & Mitigation Planning

Terrebonne Parish is taking applications from owners of rental units to elevate their year-round rentals.  Single family residences or duplexes are the primary target though greater units (based on footprint, feasibility and the cost of elevation) could be considered. 

Changes in the National Flood Insurance Program have put pressure on the rental market.  Rentals used as primary residences are still considered second homes just like a vacation home and the insurance may be more than the rental market can absorb.

The program will require a 25% match from the owner, and only properties that have been flooded and are at flood risk will be considered. 

Call 985-873-6565 for more information or a form to apply.  Application selections expected by mid-March, so call soon! 

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