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Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal Lifts Burn Ban

Tuesday November 21, 2023 05:30 pm - 818 Views - Posted By Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness

Following consultation among the state Fire Marshal's Office, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the Governor's Office of Homeland Security, and the National Weather Service, the statewide burn ban initially issued on August 7, 2023, and modified as recently as September 29, 2023, is being rescinded effective as of 5 PM on Tuesday, November 25, 2023.

Parish President Gordon Dove is in agreement and will NOT continue the burn ban in Terrebonne Parish.

Where open burning is allowed in local ordinances, the State Fire Marshal's Office would like to remind residents that the only legal items you can burn in Louisiana are vegetation and ordinary yard waste items like leaves, tree branches, grass clippings, etc.

According to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, items NOT allowed to be burned include:

  • plastic and other synthetic materials
  • tires and other rubber products
  • paints, household, and agricultural waste
  • asphalt singles, heavy oils, wire
  • newspaper, cardboard, and other paper products
  • building and mobile homes


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