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Parish President Gordon Dove Provides Updates on Recovery Efforts Post-Ida

Sunday September 19, 2021 03:38 pm - 576 Views - Posted By Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
Parish President Gordon Dove Provides Updates on Recovery Efforts Post-Ida

3 weeks ago today, Hurricane Ida made landfall and devastated the Bayou Parish's across South Louisiana.  While there are still parts of our Parish without power and water, TPCG is still working diligently with the responsible companies to restore services as soon as possible.  The destruction to our infrastructure and homes caused by Ida was severe however Terrebonne Parish has made tremendous strides for recovery over the past 3 weeks.     

•ENTERGY has restored power to 83% of their customers.
•SLECA has restored power to 80.5% of their customers.
•City of Houma has restored power to 98% of their customers.  Crews are working to restore homes that have been inspected and received permits. 
•Waterworks has restored water to 95% of their customers.
•Internet,TV and phone companies have mobilized repair crews and are working to restore services.
•Garbage collection is on their regular schedule collection days. Due to the abundance of garbage/man power, trucks might be a day behind. 
•Pelican Waste has picked up as of today 4,400 tons of garbage so far. Residential debris drop off to solid waste sites so far 870 tons. Commercial debris drop off at the transfer station so far 1,434 tons.
•Storm Debris Trucks have been working throughout the Parish 7 days a week. As of today, the Parish's debris contractor for Parish roads have collected...
Vegetation 214,789 cubic yards
Construction 74,684 cubic yards for a total of 289,473 cubic yards to date.
• Government Towers will be open for employees to go back to work on Monday Sept 20th.
•Clerk of Court Office will begin opening on a limited basis on Tuesday Sept 21st.  The courts are closed until Monday, September 27.  Please call the Terrebonne Parish District Attorney’s office for criminal court information.
•Public and private schools have opened and/or have potential dates to open soon.
• TPCG helped several grocery and convenience stores to open a few days after the storm to provide food and gas to our people of Terrebonne Parish. As utilities are starting to be restored, numerous businesses are starting to get repaired and/or opening throughout the Parish.
•There are numerous public buildings and facilities that have major damage that will need permanent repairs. Currently we have retained construction companies to make temporary repairs to stabilize the damage done to our public facilities and buildings while insurers and adjusters evaluate damages. This may result in limited access and service disruptions.

 I have also been in daily communications with the State and Federal Government to expedite the temporary housing situation. THEY NEED TO PROVIDE TEMPORARY HOUSING TO OUR PEOPLE SO WE CAN START REBUILDING OUR COMMUNITIES ASAP!  The response times from them are never as fast as we would like it but help is on the way.  I will continue to fight daily until the last person has a roof over their head! 

Again I want to thank all our Government Employees, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Fighters, Health Care Workers, Utility Linemen, and all other volunteers and contract workers that made this progress faster than expected!

As I traveled throughout the Parish over the last 3 weeks, the unity of the people of Terrebonne Parish helping one another is truly a blessing. I witnessed communities supporting their neighbors. People that suffered tremendous loss helping others to provide basic needs. This is a true testament to the people of Terrebonne!!  While we know the rebuilding process will take some time, I have confidence in the people of Terrebonne that we will get through this TOGETHER.  We are Terrebonne! Terrebonne Strong!!! Terrebonne "The Good Earth."


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