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The National Flood Insurance Program - Back until February 8, 2018

Tuesday January 23, 2018 09:37 am

The National Flood Insurance Program  - Back until February 8, 2018

Reach Out to the Senators to Support Flood Insurance

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The National Flood Insurance Program is under discussion in congress, and due to lapse on February 8th, 2018.  It is now on its third short term extension as congress grapples with the budget resolutions that contain this legislation.  If you are planning on buying with a federally backed loan a structure that is in the special flood hazard area, consider buying the policy now so that the purchase will not be held up by a lack of flood insurance if another lapse occurs in two weeks. 

If you would like to encourage the congressional delegation to prioritize the National Flood Insurance Program, you can use the website for the Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance to send a message to the delegation.   At , the site will use your address to send an email message to Senators Cassidy and Kennedy and their staff with a set message or one that you write yourself.

The bills are considering among many other changes:

  • Caps on the yearly increases for premiums
  • Increased help with elevating structures through Increased Cost of Compliance claims up to $100,000
  • Increased support for elevating or demolishing structures through larger grant programs
  • Requiring more information at the time of sale to let buyers know about flood history
    • This could be improved by having substantial damage letters recorded at the courthouse
    • The law should require that the official FEMA history be provided to the buyer as well
  • Better maps and reimbursement for those that challenge the maps successfully

The Parish council has passed the attached resolution suggesting certain changes to the bills drafted and supporting some of the content as is.

The NFIP has experienced a lapse in authority before. In most of these cases, Congress reauthorized the Program retroactively. However, until Congress acts, we are unable to provide new or increased coverage, and we want to fully inform you of your options during this period.

 If you need more information, please contact your flood insurance agent.

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