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Good Earth Community Garden Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday September 26, 2017 09:31 am

Please note the announcement below regarding a neighborhood meeting about the proposed use of 4 of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program buyout properties.  These properties can only be used for open space uses and can’t be sold to any other than a nonprofit with a mission to preserve the land in open space.  This project is planned to allow for gardening as a recreational activity and to hold stormwater.  This community meeting is being held to recruit volunteers and get involvement from local community members in the development of the garden. 


Good Earth Harvest Community Garden

Montegut – 109, 111, 113 and 112 Kennedy St. 

September  28, 2017

5-6 PM

Montegut Fire Station, 1105 Highway 55

Keep Terrebonne Beautiful has successfully competed for a grant from Keep America Beautiful and Lowe’s to develop a community garden.  This community garden is proposed to be located in Montegut on Kennedy Street.  The preliminary plan in the grant assumed that Louisiana Sweet oranges, satsumas, figs, lemons and pecans would be planted on a portion of the site.  The rest would be dedicated to vegetables. 

Come help design the garden!

September  28, 2017

5-6 PM

Montegut Fire Station, 1105 Highway 55

This garden is meant to be benefit and be kept by volunteers in the community.  The Pointe au Chien tribe has been active in promoting this concept and has generously agreed to lease the land and provide insurance. The harvest will be available to anyone in the community.  What is grown and how it is designed is still to be decided.  The grant is intended to pay for a watering system, grading, a landscape architect, off street parking and some of the plants and trees. 

If you or an organization to which you belong want to assist in the planning, planting or maintenance of these trees and gardens, please come to this public meeting about the gardens to discuss what you would like to create.

The garden will be an extension of the Good Earth Harvest program that was started in 2016 when KTB and several other partner organizations planted 140 fruit trees in Terrebonne Parish. This garden will be planted on Parish owned properties purchased through FEMA buyouts after storm events.  When the Parish purchases homes with FEMA funds, the properties must remain in open space use permanently.  The Parish has few options for ownership transfer.  This project will make use of these properties as productive community gardens. 

If you can’t make the meeting but want to provide feedback, email or call Wendy Billiot at 851-7578 or Brenda Babin at 873-0107. Donations of trees, stakes, tree guards, etc. welcome.


Call Jennifer Gerbasi in the Planning Department at 873-6565 if your organization is interested in similar activities on parish HMGP properties. 



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