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Supply List for Those Returning to Flooded Homes

Thursday August 31, 2017 11:45 am

Supply List for Those Returning to Flooded Homes

Many of Terrebonne residents will be all too familiar about what people might need after a flood to help the recovery on an individual or family level.  Below is a list of items that Texas A & M developed to assist people during and after a storm.  If anyone is unsure what to provide locally or send to Houston or our western Parishes, this list may be useful in deciding what to buy if sending money to an aid entity isn’t preferred. 

If gas is leaking or the power lines are damaged, do not enter the home. Returning to a home after a flood or damaging storm, people will need items for cleaning up and making minor repairs as well as personal items.

Cleaning supplies:

Air freshener, 8- or 9-ounce can

Bleach, 82 ounces

Bucket, 5-gallon, with lid

Cleaner, household, 12- to 16-ounce bottle

Clothes pins, 50

Clothesline, 100 feet

Detergent, liquid laundry, 50 ounces

Disinfectant dish soap, 16- to 28-ounce bottle

Gloves, latex, 2 pairs

Gloves, work, 1 pair

Masks, N-95 rating, 5

Scouring pads, 5

Scrub brush

Sponges, 7

Towels, cleaning, 18

Trash bags, heavy-duty, 33- to 45-gallon, 24-bag roll


First aid kit:


Bandages, adhesive

First aid booklet


Gloves, sterile, 2 pairs

Ointments, antibiotic and burn


Sunscreen, SPF 30


Wipes, antibiotic

Insect repellent that contains DEET

Medications, prescriptions

Personal hygiene items:

Hand sanitizer, alcohol based




Towel, bath


Water (at least 1 gallon per person per day)

Sturdy shoes (with toes and hard soles)

Tarp, to cover roof damage or use as an outdoor shade



Chain saw for clearing trees


Hammer and nails






Food and snacks:

If there is no running water, buy foods that require little or no water in preparation. Choose low-salt foods to help minimize thirst.

Many foods need no cooking—breakfast cereal, granola bars, cookies, crackers, jerky, ready-to-eat meats in cans or pouches, canned vegetables, peanut butter, trail mix, canned meals such as spaghetti/pasta, canned infant formula, and baby/toddler foods in jars.

Hard candy will help keep the mouth moist if water supplies are limited.


Buy nonperishable (dry) foods for pets.

Food storage and preparation supplies:

Manual can opener

Metal pans and cooking utensils for cooking on a fire or grill

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap

Plastic forks, knives, and spoons

Paper napkins and plates

Storage bags for food

Paper towels

Garbage bags for disposing of trash

Ice chest—ice will probably be available at an emergency supply distribution center

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