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New Program Available for Shutters and Roofs

Wednesday June 08, 2016 02:53 pm

Parish Gauging Interest for Funding Applications

FEMA has announced that it will make funding available for wind retrofits to increase the wind resistance capacity of structures.> The program is intended to “encourage wind mitigation of existing residential buildings in hurricane-prone regions.”
Various packages will be made available in Terrebonne Parish if there is a demand and funding is awarded.

Packages are available whether the roof covering is replaced, or not.> The program will:

  • Develop a continuous load path to strengthen new or existing roof
  • Strengthen vents and soffits
  • Strengthen overhangs and gable walls
  • Protect doors, windows and garages from flying debris and wind pressure

The Fact Sheet and guidance documents are attached for your review.> Anyone interested in this opportunity should call 873-6565 for more information about the application process.

If there is sufficient interest in the program, and application will be developed for the 2017 funding cycle. The grant would be a Predisaster Mitigation Grant which is nationally competitive and requires a 25% nonfederal share. The nonfederal share will be paid by the property owner.>



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