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Clearing Title Getting Easier for some Properties

Tuesday September 08, 2015 09:12 am

Since the 2005 hurricanes, the inheritance process has become easier and less expensive for many people. There is now a simplified and less expensive affidavit process that may allow families to clear title quickly and without extensive research and legal fees.

For many families, the lack of clear title to inherited property created serious barriers to their recovery after hurricanes or a death or loss of income in the family. People who live on property passed down to them without a will or by family agreement, without using the legal system, do not have clear title to property. Owners without clear title cannot sell the property, use the property as collateral for a loan, or get federal or state disaster aid for home repair.

If you live on property you inherited, please call the Louisiana Civil Justice Center at 1-800-310-7029 or Louisiana Appleseed at 504-561-7304 to learn how you can get clear legal title to your property. Or visit > A sample of the affidavit is attached as well as background information on the process.

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