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Gamers! Can You Build a Floodsafe House?

Monday June 29, 2015 08:30 am

The Last House Standing

Two interesting approaches are related to this phrase. One is an app to get the you social media gamers thinking about flood safety. It was released this summer to get tech users to have fun competing for flood safety superiority.
The game, Last House Standing, uses an innovative app to get the younger generation or any savvy user to compete for the safest construction. This may be as fun as flood outreach gets. 

Each player gets $100,000 and three (3) minutes to build a house to withstand flood. The game is run, and the house that has received the least damage is the winner. 

Produced by a Florida nonprofit, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, this app is trying to reach the next generation of homeowners and kids with fun, engaging techniques that also teach.

Email the attachment to the gamers in your life to test it out or download for free from the app store.

The other reference to the Last House Standing is cement homes. Interesting site if you want to check out these super solid homes at

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