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Flood Mitigation Assistance Application Period Open

Thursday June 11, 2015 02:55 pm

Flood Mitigation Assistance Application Period Open
New Mitigation application open for Severe Repetitive Loss and Substantially Damaged Repetitive Loss Properties.

FEMA is providing up to $180,000,000 through the Flood Mitigation Assistance and Pre-disaster Mitigation programs for elevating storm damaged structures. These funds are awarded through a national competition, and are not already earmarked for the Parish. 

The Parish will be sending invitations to apply to the owners of the Severe Repetitive Loss structures offering 100% of the funding to elevate those structures. Those eligible are pre-identified through FEMA. There are two different ways to qualify for SRL status. One is to have two floods that have damages greater than the value of the structure. The other is to have four floods, two within 10 years, of $5,000 or more in value. The second is, for the first time, prioritized lower than the 100% damage criteria, so the Parish may be awarded some and not others. 

The repetitive loss structure applications are limited to $3M federal share, and are lower in priority for FEMA approval than any SRL property. Depending on the competitive strategy there will be a 10% -25% match requirement which will be the applicant’s responsibility. The Pre-disaster (PDM) funds are largely reserved for planning activities this year, also limiting the potential for awards. Terrebonne recently completed the Hazard Mitigation Plan Update, and therefore will not apply for planning funds at this time. 

Applicant inquiries about the program should be directed to the application manager, Solutient, at 985-857-4400. Only those on the FEMA list of eligible applicants can apply, though the Parish will always accept letters of interest. 

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