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National Tree Benefit Calculator Available

Friday March 13, 2015 02:11 pm

New Website Helps People Select the Right Trees for Stormwater Management and Adding Curb Appeal
Terrebonne Parish and the U.S. Corps of Engineers have partnered to do a study and develop plans for Bio Shields to lessen the effect of storm surge and provide wind break as well. Part of this process will be to identify tree, brush and grass species that will grow and meet the needs of the project. A new web site can help planners and the general public choose the right tree to help control water on property. This could be used to decide what to plant, or decide if you really want to cut down that tree in the back part of your lot.

The calculator , available at > , is very easy to use. Select a tree variety, put in the approximate diameter of the trunk, and click on “calculate.” For a live oak 45 inches across, the results show us one reason they are a favorite tree in Southern Lousiana.
One large live oak can intercept 21,137 gallons of stormwater runoff in a year and reduce 1,096 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air. The summary shows a $266 benefit each year.
The calculator shows the overall benefits in a chart and separate tabs for Storm Water, Property Value, Energy, Air Quality, and CO2.

A 15” diameter Southern Magnolia can intercept 2,531 gallons of stormwater per year (15” Live oak: 3,929; 15” Pecan 3,750; Leuland Cypress – 45” 16,210, 15” 2,450, 15” White Pine, 2,450).

Check out the site and put in a tree you have been meaning to plant or to cut. Make an informed decision about the work that tree is performing for stormwater management. The water will go somewhere. Having trees in that low spot in the back of the property may help it stay drier, and provide shade and wind break.

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