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How Levees Work to Protect the Parish

Thursday December 04, 2014 07:52 am

The National Flood Insurance Program has developed a series of educational videos online to educate the public on flood risk. With the extensive levee system in place in Terrebonne Parish, education about the strengths and potential failures of the levees may seem like common knowledge, but we can always learn more. The live link in the attachment provides a graphic video with audio regarding levees and making a plan for those living near levees.

Coming Soon!

As part of the Terrebonne Educational Video Series, a Levee Safety Video is in development. It will be available on You can find the following videos on this site right now. Search for "educational videos" from the home page for the listing and links.  These may help people understand their risks and opportunities in Terrebonne Parish.

  • TPCG - GIS 
  • TPCG - How To Start A Business In Terrebonne Parish 
  • TPCG - Parks & Recreation In Terrebonne Parish 
  • TPCG - Home Energy Assistance Program 
  • TPCG - Flood Management 
  • TPCG - Getting a Permit 
  • TPCG - Reporting a Nuisance 
  • TPCG - Emergency Preparedness 
  • TPCG - Transit Bus 
  • TPCG - Solid Waste 
  • TPCG - Culverts

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