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Preventing Pollution Saves Money and Improves Water Quality

Monday July 07, 2014 07:20 am

Terrebonne Parish is required to take steps to reduce stormwater pollution in an effort to have fishable, swimmable waters in Louisiana’s Bayou Country.
These laws require chosen the Parish to do six things:

  1. Conduct outreach and education about polluted stormwater runoff.
  2. Provide opportunities for residents to participate in conversations/activities to reduce pollution 
  3. Detect illicit discharges (e.g. straight piping or dumping).
  4. Control construction site runoff.
  5. Control post-construction runoff.
  6. Perform municipal housekeeping (e.g. take steps to prevent runoff from city buildings and activities.)

Many people simply don’t know that, unlike sewer drainage systems which flow to treatment plants; water entering the community’s storm drain system flows unfiltered and untreated into the bayous. Once one understands this crucial difference, one recognizes that even without the force of Federal law, these six required steps are all day-to-day essentials for any community which depends on its wetlands, coastal reaches, rivers, canals, ditches, and bayous for its quality of life and the health of its local economy.

See the attachment for no cost or inexpensive ways to keep our bayous clean and reduce municipal and storm damage costs.

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