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June 1st is the Deadline to Appeal Hurricane Ida FEMA Denials!

Tuesday March 07, 2023 02:23 pm

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June 1st is the Deadline to Appeal Hurricane Ida FEMA Denials!*

FEMA is giving 90 more days for Hurricane Ida appeals for assistance or reconsideration.  Some of our residents have been denied assistance by FEMA.  Recovery Programs like the Restore LA program rely on the assessments by FEMA to determine eligibility or priority for their HUD CDBG funded programs. Citizens needing to appeal a FEMA determination of damage or eligibility to apply for FEMA assistance have until June 1, 2023. 

The deadline has been extended to June 1, 2023 to appeal FEMA Denials!

According to South Louisiana Legal Services (not legal advice) these are some examples of issues that may be resolved through an appeal:

  • FEMA said I have not given documents that show I own the home.
  • FEMA said I have not given documents to show I lived in the damaged household
  • FEMA did not pay me enough to repair my home.
  • FEMA did not pay me enough for my damaged personal property.
  • FEMA said I do not qualify for Rental Assistance

Storm survivors can file an appeal for any of these issues to explain or provide evidence to FEMA. This list is representative and not a complete list of all circumstances that allow appeals. 

An appeal can be filed even if the deadlines have passed on the paperwork. With the appeal, give FEMA the reason why it is late.

All appeals must be in by June 1, 2023.**

People who need help with an appeal or other Hurricane Ida issue can call Southeast Louisiana Legal Services for advice at 1 (844) 244-7871

* Adapted from original post from Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

** In some cases, an appeal can be filed in Federal Court after this date, but SLLS advises caution and recommends consulting with an attorney to appeal FEMA’s decision higher.

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