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Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Public Meeting

Friday February 24, 2023 12:05 pm

Terrebonne Parish

Department of Planning and Zoning

Recovery Assistance and Mitigation Planning

FloodSafe Minute

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Public Meeting

Terrebonne Parish is inviting the general public to a meeting to review the Hazard Mitigation Plan Update for 2023 and provide comments, suggestions or concerns.  The steering committee of stakeholders approved by the Council has directed the updates to the plans including the capture of critical facilities, the incorporation of the new floodmaps, and a review of the goals and objectives of the plan to meet current threats. Hazards have been updated to include extreme heat and cold, and the projects completed and proposed are being updated by category and specific projects.  A virtual presentation will highlight the process including the projected risks, vulnerabilities and goals and objectives of proposed remedies to be discussed and prioritized.  

The Parish is holding a virtual public meeting to review the planning process and the Draft report.   For those who prefer to meet in person, a room is reserved at the Main Library branch.  The presentation will be virtual, but staff will be present as well as hard copies of all the documents reviewed for the plan and the draft plan itself.    

March 2, 2023   5:30-7:00


Main Branch - Public Library

151 Library Drive

The Draft plan is available for review at the HMPU website.  The presentations and notes from previous meetings are posted there as well.  Comments can be submitted at any time in the online form or emailing

For further information, please contact the Parish Recovery Assistance and Mitigation Planning Division of the Department of Planning and Zoning at 985-873-6565.

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