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Parish Releases Survey to Rebuild Terrebonne Strong

Tuesday November 02, 2021 12:16 pm

Terrebonne Parish

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Recovery Assistance and Mitigation Planning

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Parish Releases Survey to Rebuild Terrebonne Strong

The Terrebonne Parish Recovery Assistance and Mitigation Planning (RAMP) division is seeking public feedback to guide requests for funding to help rebuild local buildings and structures that were damaged by Hurricane Ida. Recovery activities include but are not limited to elevation, reconstruction, demolition, and wind hardening. To get recovery activities in place as quickly as possible, the Parish requests that Terrebonne residents fill out the online survey to indicate all recovery options that may assist in the recovery and rebuilding process. The survey form is available online at Please encourage all Parish residents with recovery needs to visit the site and let us know what they need. 

Each person should select all rebuilding options that they are interested in and encourage their friends and family to do the same. Availability for the options listed will depend on demand, eligibility, property specific issues, and funding. The survey is not an application for funding and completion of the form will not secure a grant. The purpose of this survey is to help the Parish determine need for rebuilding options and to provide a way to contact those who requested such help should funding become available.

The survey requires an accurate phone number or email address to ensure that RAMP staff members can contact people if applications for funding become available.

Insurance information is helpful but not required. The assistance programs will generally have some level of cost share and insurance may help with that investment.

In addition to filling out the survey, people can contact RAMP at 985-873-6565 to ask questions or get a letter of interest and start the application process. The Parish tries to match new applicants with any funding available. 


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