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USDA Grants and Loans for Rebuilding

Monday October 25, 2021 06:13 am

Terrebonne Parish

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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can assist with repairs or replacement of houses whether after a disaster or not.  Terrebonne Parish residents are eligible to apply for USDA funding directly through the USDA.   Final determination of eligibility is made by Rural Development upon receipt of a complete application. Call the USDA at 985-748-8751 or the state office at 318-473-7630 for more information.  They can tell you if you have the right application before you start. 

 Funding can be provided as a loan or a grant based the activity, income and age.  A person with limited income over 62 years old may be eligible for a $7,500 grant that is not required to be paid back.  Those elders may be eligible for additional funds at very low interest rates as well like other borrowers getting up to $14,999. 

If you need to rebuild, the USDA Loan is a mortgage option available to some rural and suburban homebuyers. USDA Home Loans are issued by qualified lenders and guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  USDA Home Loans are particularly favorable to those living in rural or low-income areas. USDA Loans offer $0 money down, lenient eligibility requirements and competitive interest rates - due to the loan being guaranteed by the USDA.

USDA has more than 40 loan, grant, and technical assistance programs available to help improve the economy and quality of life in rural America. Many of these programs can also help community efforts related to disaster preparedness, resiliency, and recovery.

USDA programs support a variety of needs including: • Transitional Housing and Home Repair   and  • Rural Business Planning and Recovery. 

Below are links to explain the programs available, an online video and handbook.   Applications for repairs and home loans are attached.  Call the USDA at 985-748-8751 or the state office at 318-473-7630 for more information.


To qualify for the SFH Home Repair program, your household’s adjusted annual income must be within our established income limit based on household size and location. The income limits can be found online at:

During your loan approval process, you will be instructed to watch the Agency’s online applicant orientation video:

For more information, go to HB-1-3550, Direct Single Family Housing Loans and Grants – Field Office Handbook:

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