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Recovery Planner Jennifer Gerbasi


Flood and Hurricane Home Retrofit Options

Tuesday October 05, 2021 02:12 pm

Terrebonne Parish

Department of Planning and Zoning

Recovery Assistance and Mitigation Planning

FloodSafe Minute

Many people are rebuilding their homes and businesses after Hurricane Ida.  In this process, it may be possible to build back better than before.  For some, that will be updating a roof to the current wind rating rather than that in place in the 1970s.  The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc., FLASH, has put together a list of improvements that may be available as we rebuild.  The attached has some details on the following options to build a stronger home through retrofits for flood or wind safety.  The FEMA Wind Retrofit Guide for Residential Buildings is also attached as a resource. 

  • Flood
    • Elevate the lowest floor
  • Elevate appliances, water heaters, air conditioning units, furnaces, etc.
  • Install backflow preventers
  • Install flood vents
  • Anchor fuel tanks
  • Hurricane
    • Brace gable-end walls
  • Brace soffit covers
  • Upgrade to wind resistant roof cover
  • Strengthen roof deck connection
  • Strengthen roof-to-wall connection
  • Install a secondary water barrier
  • Improve anchorage of attached structures

Parish Permit and Code Enforcement personnel can provide advice regarding the current codes and any permits or inspections that are available or required at 873-6567.

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