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Buyout Program for Primary Residences Outside MTTG

Friday May 28, 2021 11:25 am

Terrebonne Parish

Department of Planning and Zoning

Recovery Assistance and Mitigation Planning

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Terrebonne Parish is excited to kick off the Terrebonne Parish Voluntary Homeowner Relocation for Permanent Residents Outside the Morganza. This program offers residents with primary residences outside the levee system a way to sell their homes and move to comparable housing outside the high flood risk area.  This is a voluntary program that can provide not only fair market value for these properties, but incentives that provide enough funding to purchase comparable housing in the Parish, but outside the special flood hazard area.  The LA SAFE program has dedicated approximately $2.8M to support these buyouts.

The Parish has identified approximately a dozen structures outside the Morganza to the Gulf levee system proposed footprint that meet the other criteria for the program.  The structures are primary residences and have been the primary residence of the owners since April 2018 when the program was first approved by the state Office of Community Development and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Residents will be receiving a letter asking if they are interested in the program or learning more.  Only residents that meet the qualifications above are eligible for the program.  The Parish released the attached press release and posting the same information on TPTV in case there are other residents that meet the qualifications and were missed in our research through the Assessor’s Database.  Anyone in who thinks that they are eligible and may be interested in participating should call the RAMP office in the Planning Department at 985-873-6565.

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