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Flood Risk Reduction for Multifamily Structures

Friday July 17, 2020 11:13 am

FEMA releases a new publication of flood risk reduction measures

for existing multifamily structures.

The National Hazard Mitigation Association started here in Louisiana recently sent us information that may help developers and landlords with multifamily structures.  FEMA recently released the National Flood Insurance Program Flood Mitigation Measures for Multi-Family Buildings, P-2037. This publication provides guidance for building owners, designers, investors, builders/contractors, institutional partners, housing agencies and residents, and property and facility managers on flood risk evaluation and mitigation of large multifamily buildings located within floodplains. The publication is also useful for local officials responsible for enforcing floodplain management regulations or building codes.

Flood Risk Reduction Measures for Multi-Family Buildings in this publication:

– Elevation

– Wet Floodproofing

– Dry Floodproofing

– Elevating or Relocating Equipment

– Dry Floodproofing Building Utility Systems and Creating Vaults

– Repurposed Lowest Floor

– Perimeter Floodwall

The focus of the publication is midrise and highrise buildings, although many of the approaches could be applied to lowrise buildings. To help develop and implement a comprehensive flood damage reduction approach, this publication describes the steps for the regulatory community and builders. Example scenarios of mitigation strategies for existing multifamily buildings are provided that explain what would be acceptable to the National Flood Insurance Program keeping both the owners and the Parish in compliance.  These measures may also earn insurance discounts.

The publication (FEMA P-2037) and a two-page summary fact sheet is attached.

Free copies of the publication should be available via the FEMA Publications Warehouse by calling 1-800-480-2520, Monday - Friday between 8AM to 5P EST, by fax at 1-719-948-9724, or by emailing your request to Please provide the title, publication number, and quantity of each publication, along with your name, address, zip code, and daytime telephone number.

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