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A Note from the President about Flood Insurance

Tuesday July 07, 2020 12:47 pm

A Note from the President about Flood Insurance

Gordon E. Dove, Parish President

July 6, 2020

June is upon us, and this year, we experienced the first tropical storm to usher in the new hurricane season.  Hurricane season is traditionally between June and November of each year.  As Parish President, I prepare all year round to be ready for storms and to recover from any damage that does occur.  This year is particularly dangerous due to the added threats of COVID 19 that would make any sheltering in place, and the Cajun natural instinct to go out and help those in need, more dangerous.  Together, we will not only survive, but thrive.

As the storm season continues, I wanted to remind you to take precautions for the storms or evacuations to protect your lives and property.  Every household should have supplies to last for a week including medicine, water, food, and items for family members with special needs and pets.  Every household is wise to have all papers in a waterproof and safe spot and a list handy of anything that would need to be taken with the family on an evacuation.

Flood insurance is also an important part of a recovery plan for homes and businesses.  Families and small businesses that are properly insured are much more likely to fully recuperate financially from an event with some stability than those that struggle and face uncertainty without those resources.

Flood insurance is for everyone.  Residential structures outside the flood zone can still flood.  Renters can prepare as well for as little as $100 per year for a contents policy.  Can you afford to replace all of your furniture and personal belongings without insurance?

In an effort to make flood insurance affordable, the Parish continues to work to support discounts for every policy in the floodplain through Community Rating System participation.  Currently there is a 15% discount in the Special Flood Hazard Area, and we are working hard to reach a 20% or even a 25% discount through our efforts this year.

Don’t forget to protect your small businesses, too.  Nationally, 40% of small businesses never reopen after a flood event.  If you can’t afford the insurance offered with your current building conditions, call the Planning Department at 873-6565 to see if there is a risk reduction option for you that might lower that cost.

As Parish President, I am working with our partners to avoid the need for flood claims to the extent possible.  These preparations are part of the solution, not a replacement for flood insurance.  This year we have completed many projects including this small selection below:

  • The Hanson Canal Pump Station was designed to discharge 1000 CFS or 28,000,000 gallons of water per hour of storm water into the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway during a heavy rain event to mitigate flooding within the Chacahoula-Gibson Basin, and most notably in the Bayou Black residential region in Terrebonne Parish. This pump station is the first of three to be constructed in the vicinity.
  • The Little Bayou Black pump station on Hwy 311 is currently under construction with a capacity of 6,360,000 gallons per hour plus a 20’ wide x 14’ radial gate for gravity flow.
  • Miter gate structures that will work in conjunction with an existing sector gate to create a lock system has been installed in Bayou Petit Caillou and is presently under construction in Bayou Terrebonne to provide flood safety, slow saltwater intrusion that causes subsidence, and allow for continuous marine traffic.
  • A floodgate and receiving structure on Falgout Canal were constructed to provide flood protection to an elevation of +18.0’ during tropical storm and hurricane events.
  • The levees in Bayou Dularge and Montegut have been completed since Hurricane Barry and are functioning well, and we have implemented drainage improvements throughout the Parish.
  • To maintain pump capacity, the Parish has implemented a telemetry system to remotely broadcast the condition and status of the pump, and is continuing to install backup generators to ensure that power is available for continuous service.

I appreciate the community’s continued faith in me and my administration to provide a safe and healthy environment in Terrebonne Parish, even with the new health challenges.  However, every resident is a part of that effort, and I encourage each and every household and business to get flood insurance to protect the resilience of this community. We have already had one storm this season, and the rain itself threatens many structures.  Let’s prepare together.  Call 877-336-2627 or your local agent for more information or email

Attached: The signed letter from President Dove.

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Note from the President about Flood Insurance
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