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Get Flood Insurance Now for Grants

Thursday June 06, 2019 10:51 am

Get Flood Insurance Now

Prepare for Grant Opportunities

Storm Season is Here, and Flood Insurance has a 30 Day Wait Period

Terrebonne Parish is often under a threat from a natural or manmade flood event, and as community leaders, homeowners and business owners, we need to be prepared.  Flood insurance is part of that preparation not only to recover better, but to have access to grants to reduce flooding. 

FEMA offers yearly grants for Severe Repetitive Loss structures with no cost share!  

The SRL group consists of any NFIP-insured residential property that has:

••4 or more separate claim payments of more than $5,000 each (including building and    contents payments); or

•• 2 or more separate claim payments (building payments only) where the total of the payments exceeds the current value of the property.

In either case, 2 of the claim payments must have occurred within 10 years of each other.

These properties are found even outside the flood zone, and may be eligible to compete for a 100% grant for elevation or demolition/reconstruction of the structure.  Other repetitively flooded structures with 50% damage may be eligible for 90% of the total project cost.  The parish has 35 SRL and 186 eligible repetitive loss properties. 


The grant application period will open around October 20019.  If your property is an SRL or RL, please get flood insurance AND contact the Recovery Assistance and Mitigation Planning Office at 985-873-6565 to get a letter of interest and start gathering information for an application. 

If the grant application is successful, the program will pay 100% of the elevation total project cost up to $333K.

Repetitive Loss (RL) property for the purposes of the grant program is a property that has incurred flood-related damage over 50% from two (2) flood events.  If the grant application is successful for these properties, the program will pay 90% of the elevation total project cost up to $333K.

Call any local agent or check out online for information and referrals. 

Flood policies take 30 days to take effect.  Don’t wait until there is a storm in the Gulf to buy it!

The time to prepare is now. 

Raise your house and lower your risk!


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