Recovery Assistance & Mitigation Planning

Recovery Planner Jennifer Gerbasi


Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

The parish has applied for $30 million in FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant funding. Applications are accepted continuously. Those who are prepared to move forward are more likely to be chosen as alternates when others drop out of the program. Click here for partial list of items needed to complete the application.

Call 985-873-6565 with questions or to make an appointment to fill out a funding request.


  • Primary residences or primary residence as rental home for year-round resident.
  • Must show documented proof of flood damage such as:
    • Substantial damage letter from the Parish
    • Proofs of loss showing flood damage greater than 50% of the building value
  • Secondary homes are eligible to apply but will be funded only after primary residence applications eligible for funding are exhausted or otherwise can't be funded in a timely fashion.

  • Commercial structures may be able to take advantage of
    • Structure Elevation; or
    • Dry Floodproofing of Non-residential Structures; or
    • Second Story Conversion

Cost Share

75% of eligible expenses paid by the program
25% of eligible expenses paid by the property owner

Note: All Road Home and ICC payments must be signed over to the Parish prior to beginning the mitigation project. These sources can count towards the 25% cost share.

House Elevation

The following documents will be needed to fill out the application to see if you might be funded by the grant. The estimate should be free. The Elevation Certificate is provided by a licensed surveyor at your cost. This will not be reimbursed whether the project is funded or not.

  • elevation certificate
  • contractor estimates - itemized
  • engineered elevation plans included in estimate from contractor
  • insurance information/ policy and losses
  • road home or ICC funding awards
  • photographs of house and property (digital photos best, all four sides of the structure)

You can call for an appointment before you have all of these documents, but it sometimes takes a while to get contractors and surveyors to the house. There are other contractors, but they have not provided the parish with copies of their required state registrations or licenses at this time. Only contractors with proper registration or licensing can be hired to participate in the program.


These forms are provided to advise you of some of the information that will be required for the application. Completing an application does not guarantee funding. The Parish determines which properties will be included in the applications and then the application must be approved by state and federal government agencies

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