Recovery Assistance & Mitigation Planning

Recovery Planner Jennifer Gerbasi


Flood Safety & Warnings

Keep alert to rapidly changing weather in order to prepare for the possibility of floods.

  • A FLOOD WATCH or a FLASH FLOOD WATCH means flooding or flash flooding is possible. A flash flood means a flood that can happen very quickly is possible.
  • A FLOOD WARNING or FLASH FLOOD WARNING means a flood or flash flood is occurring or will occur soon. These warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and are broadcast on local television and radio stations.

Learn the safest route from your home or business to higher, safe ground, and stay tuned to reports of changing flood conditions. If emergency officials tell you to evacuate or leave your home, go immediately to a safe place. If there is time, turn off utilities at the main switch. Do not touch any electrical equipment unless it is in a dry area. Every source of electricity can be dangerous during and after flooding. If your car stalls in a flooded area, abandon it as soon as possible. Never swim or play in or near floodwater. Be sure to tell your children that fast-moving water in drainage ditches and canals is extremely dangerous.

Floods are deceptive, so it is best to avoid flooded areas!

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