Animal Shelter

Shelter Manager Valerie Robinson


Sec. 5-9.1. Tethering prohibited; exception.

  1. Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, it shall be unlawful for any person owning or keeping a dog to leave a dog tethered while unsupervised as a means of confinement.
  2. A dog may be tethered to a running line, pulley, or trolley system in accordance with all of the following specifications:

    1. Only one dog shall be attached to a tether at one time;
    2. The minimum length of the trolley line shall be 15 feet;
    3. The tether line shall weigh no more than 5% of the dog's body weight and be made of a substance which cannot be damaged by the dog;
    4. The dog shall be fitted with an appropriate harness or buckle-style collar properly fitted with room enough for two fingers to fit between the collar and the dog;
    5. The use of pinch, weighted, or choke collars is prohibited;
    6. The clamp of proper size and durability shall connect the dog's harness to the tether line and a swivel of proper size and durability shall connect the tether line to the trolley line;
    7. The trolley system shall maintain the dog's freedom of movement and freedom from entanglement, and it shall allow access to food, water, shelter, and shade;
    8. Both ends of the trolley line shall be attached to the stationary objects which cannot be moved by the dog;
    9. All parts of the trolley line shall be situated at least 5 feet away from any fence to prevent strangulation;
    10. The dog shall be at least four months old;
    11. The dog shall be neutered/spayed, unless the dog is tethered within another secured enclosure as a primary means of restraint;
    12. Under no circumstances shall a female dog in estrus be restrained by a trolley system without direct supervision by the owner or attendant;
    13. No dog shall be tethered to a trolley system between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  3. Any person violating this Section shall be guilty of improper tethering of a dog and fined $100.00 for a first offense and $200.00 for any second and subsequent offense.
  4. Any person violating this section three or more times within the span of the 12-month period shall be charged with the crime of animal neglect as provided in Section 5-19.
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